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Listen here to Episode 3: "The Battle of Zooplankton"
Amanda Winegardner, when she was a MSc student at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, sampling a bluff pond in Churchill, Manitoba.

Episode 3: "The Battle of Zooplankton"

Amanda, Brittany and Celia are all working to understand how communities of microscopic organisms survive, zooplankton! These zooplankton communities are composed of different species that are constantly battling it out to reproduce, gain access to resources and, basically, survive!

This episode features three different research projects:

1. Amanda is studying the bluff ponds to see how zooplankton communities adapt to a disturbance - added salt .
2. Brittany is experimenting to find out how high salinity levels must be to be lethal to individual zooplankton species and communities.
3. Celia is trying to figure out how easily communities can be invaded by dispersers after a disturbance - added salt and nutrients.

Which species wins the battle? Listen to the episode to find out!

For more info you can go to Amanda's blog or Guelph's lab blog. You can also visit a zooplankton image key to find out more about zooplankton.

Amanada is continuing her work as a PhD student at McGill Universtiy so you can follow her work here!

Brittany Jones, MSc student at the University of Guelph, holding a beaker filled with zooplankton in a concentrated salt solution to find out the LC50 of zooplankton species and communities.
Celia Symons, MSc student at Queen's University, adding zooplankton dispersers to her mesocosms that are floating in the lake to see how the invasibility of a community changes due to disturbances.
Brittany is pulling a plankton tow through a lake in order to catch zooplankton in the water. How do zooplankton survive in Churchill? How do they survive disturbance?

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